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Understanding Apache and website configurations

Before creating a Wordpress on your computer, let’s see the architecture of files and directories in a LAMP stack – the most important ones and their functions.

What is a LAMP stack?

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

This is what is behind the acronym LAMP. It means this is a complete environment for computers/servers based on a Linux OS. This environment, also named “stack”, is used to create a web server environment running under Linux OS, with Apache (more details below), PHP for the programmation language, and MySQL for the database(s).

What is Linux Operating System

Linux is an operating system (OS). That leads us to explain what’s an operating system!

What is an operating system?

Except if you have lived on the moon, you may have already used or, at least, seen a computer with Windows. Windows is the operating system provided by Microsoft. 

Creating a complete backup of your website in SSH

Export your MySQL database

If you have installed your website I presume you have all the information of your database stored somewhere (database name, database user and password). If not, there is a file that should store these information and you have to find it! (Remember the way to find a file that contains a specific string with SSH commands). If you are using WordPress this file is called “wp-config.php” and it is located at the root of your website files. If you are using Siberian CMS, this file is called “app.ini” and it is stored in app/configs/app.ini.