Capturing Leads with Coffee coffee-sales-lead-generation

The concept of “leads” has developed a much broader definition over time, but the tried and true method of simply being where people are and developing good relationships within the community are still among the most powerful ways to get people interested in both you and your brand. Successful people understand that the success mindset follows them everywhere. They never let their guards down, and they are always coming up with new ways to reach people and develop lasting business relationships with them.

Are You Still Waiting for Your Dream Client? persona-avatar-target-market

We’ve heard it referred to as a number of things within our own marketing circles: some call it a buyer persona, some an ideal avatar. Some blur the line a bit more with terms like “customer avatar” or “target market.” They are all correct, but none of them really help you understand what the concept means.

Five Ways to Define Your Pricing best-pricing-strategy

When starting an agency that does web business, you can expect to face several challenges. For instance, you need to learn how to make your agency known. As part of this, you need to decide on the right pricing strategy, which is a complicated issue.