“Yes, There is SEO for Your Facebook Page” facebook-search-engine-optimization


Have you ever searched for a company and their Facebook page came up in the search results after the company website or even before it? I’m sure you have; we all have. There is no doubt that there is SEO for your Facebook page. This guide will walk you through the steps of optimizing your Facebook page for the best search engine results.

How YouTube Videos Can Improve Local SEO youtube-video-local-seo

Videos, Videos, Videos!

There is no question internet users love videos, and videos are one of the most effective marketing tools on the web. People tend to like how-to guides, DIY videos, tutorials, and content that teaches the viewer something valuable. Always keep your customer in mind when creating a video and imagine what information you can provide that would be useful and interesting to them. Let’s say you own a restaurant; a good video could be “How to pair the perfect wine with your meal.” You provide the viewer with the information they’re seeking, and the viewers will consider your restaurant as a source of information for them, as well as a place they may like to visit.