“Yes, There is SEO for Your Facebook Page” facebook-search-engine-optimization


Have you ever searched for a company and their Facebook page came up in the search results after the company website or even before it? I’m sure you have; we all have. There is no doubt that there is SEO for your Facebook page. This guide will walk you through the steps of optimizing your Facebook page for the best search engine results.

What Content Should I Post on Facebook and When? facebook-time-post

So Many Options, Which do You Choose?

Are you struggling with deciding what type of content to post on Facebook, how often to post and when are the best times to post? This guide will assist you in creating the ultimate content for your audience, in deciding how frequently to post, and when the best times to post for the most engagement.

9 Ways to Attract More Facebook Followers business-facebook-followers-community

Remember when you had to have a *.edu email address just to get an account on Facebook? Oh, how times have changed! I’m not even sure Mark Zuckerberg could accurately predict the kind of juggernaut his little project would become when he launched it in 2004.

Still, here we are, just about 13 years later and this one website has, with a small handful of others, completely changed how we consume content, interact, and engage online. I think it’s safe to say that Facebook has been and continues to be one of the most influential sites out there.

How to Boost a Local Business on Facebook local-business-facebook

As I’m sure you’re aware, Facebook is the largest social media platform on the web with over a billion users worldwide. Users rely on Facebook for news, to keep up with friends and family, and to find out where to shop, dine, and find cultural events in the local community. Facebook is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for local businesses, and every business should make sure to set up a Facebook page. IMPORTANT: Be sure to list your page as a local business, as Facebook has created a unique marketing platform specifically designed for local businesses. Find all the details here: Facebook for Business.