How to Make Your Twitter Ads Stand out from Competitors


Are you concerned Twitter might not be the right social media outlet for advertising your business? Well, let this sink in 60% of Twitter users purchased from a company due to something they saw on Twitter (Marketo). That’s a pretty compelling statistic. So now we know it works, the next step is finding ways to create Twitter ads that outshine your competitors.

You know what they say about keeping your enemies close? I’m not implying your competitors are your enemies, but if you want to compete, you need to watch the competition.That’s what competing is all about – working to outperform the other. So in that same sense, you need to watch what your competitors are doing on Twitter, and then work to outdo them.


Watch the Competition

Follow your top competitors and monitor what kinds of ads they put out. Are they getting engagement? Learning what works and doesn’t work for your competitors can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. Because you and your competitors are going after the same market segment, you can expect similar results to the ads your competitor puts out to an ad you put out. Learn from their mistakes and outshine them in the Twittersphere.

This blog offers you insights into the best tactics to utilize to outperform your competitors.


Retargeting is a crucial aspect of marketing on social media. Get a Twitter tag on your website, so you know which users have visited your site. You know they are interested in your business if they landed on your site. They came and checked out your company; now the next step is convincing them to buy your products or services. It typically takes a potential customer 7-10 “touches” with a business before they decide to purchase. If they already visited your website – that’s “tough” one. Now it’s your job to follow up with the other touches through Twitter ads and email campaigns. NOTE: Email campaigns are highly suggested.

The Twitter Audience Manager is Your Best Friend

The audience manager tool is an enormous help to organize your followers, target new ones, and ensure the target audience is following your account. The audience manager tool can be found in your Twitter Ads account. To learn exactly how to optimize this tool, refer to Tailored Audience Tools.

Create Lists

Segmenting your audience into lists is an effective way to ensure you are targeting the right audience with the right message. There are several ways to create lists:

Username Lists or Handle Lists

Username lists are an excellent way to directly compete with your rivals. Head over to your competitor’s Twitter account and click on the followers. Doing so will provide you a list of all the users following your competitor. If they’re following your competitor, odds are they’ll want to hear from you, too. Go through the list and collect the usernames of those that match your target audience and create a list. Repeat this process for each competitor.

You can also find Twitter handles for people who are interested in things related to your business. For example, if you run a plant nursery, find accounts that would resonate with your customers; gardening associations, etc. and do the same thing as above.

Email lists

You should already be collecting email addresses from your customers through your website or in your store. Upload this list of email addresses into Twitter. As you do more and more marketing, continue adding to your email list and always remember to provide your subscribers with quality content.


Define Your Campaign

Now you have your tailored lists ready to go; it’s time to define your campaign and decide which Twitter ad is the best approach to get optimal results. Is your goal to simply get more followers and awareness? Is it to get your audience to claim a deal?

Different Twitter Ad Types

Twitter Ads are called “cards”, and there are eight different types aimed at different goals. Once you decide on the goal of your campaign, choose the card that will work best to achieve the desired result. Keep in mind, when you decide on your goal, Twitter will suggest the card that best suits your needs. You don’t have to sue this card, but it is highly recommended. As you get more advanced in Twitter Ads, you can select a custom ad (rather than one defined by a goal) and create an ad campaign with whatever card you know will be most effective. Until then, here is a quick rundown of the options you have (

App Card

The name says it all. Use this card if you’re promoting an app for download. These can be highly effective for app launches or simply to get more users on your app.

Photo Card

This card makes one photo the focus of your ad, so make it a good one! You can add snappy text, an image and a link to a photo sharing site. The photo card would be a good choice for a photographer seeking to get more exposure for his or her art.

Gallery Card

These are like photo cards, but you can include up to 4 photos. These are ideal for shops promoting their different wares or for restaurants to show off images of their finest dishes.

Lead Generation Card

This card is very handy when you’re starting out and looking for new potential clients on Twitter. They can be used to gather information like email addresses which can help develop your email database deeper for further sales email campaigns.

Player Card

If you want to use multimedia in your ad, this is the card for you. You can use videos, music, gif’s, etc. to attract your audience. Remember – ads with photos and multimedia tend to get more engagement than those without the engaging content.

Product Card

This is an essential card for retailers. You can display your products with pricing and links to buy the product directly. BOOM! It allows you a description, an image, product details, and even product availability. This is the most direct way to get a new customer. They just click through to your page and buy!

Summary Card

Summary cards are the most frequently used Twitter cards out there. These cards are basically used to promote web content. These are great to give the user a glimpse of the content and then direct them to your website or your blog with a link.

Website Card

Yep, you guessed it – These are used to get users to come to your website or to any landing page you set up. You can insert an image, text, a link, and it has a CTA button. These are fantastic for offering a freemium, with a link to a landing page. Added bonus – You can use the link in any tweet you like!


Tips for Optimization

In KINETIC’s “Twitter Advertising Guide” they offer these helpful stats to help optimize your ad’s effectiveness:

  • Use #hashtags in your ad and increase engagement by 122%
  • Exclamation Points! Who knew adding an exclamation point could increase engagement by 43%?
  • Shorter copy is actually more effective. The report shows that tweets between 10-19 characters perform better. Use those characters wisely with a catchy click bait headline.
  • Use Photos and videos in your Ads to further increase engagement.
    Interactive Tweets also increase engagement, so include those hashtags, mentions, and links.
  • Be as active as possible!

Now You Know The Basics, Go Get in the Game!

I hope this guide assists you in your Twitterverse battle with your competitors. Starting out on Twitter may seem like a daunting task, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. You’ll get to know what your audience wants to see in its feed and be able to provide them with exactly what they want.

To outperform your competitors, remember to keep a keen eye on their Twitter activity. There’s no better learning technique than by watching someone else’s mistakes and not repeating that same mistake. And if they put out a tweet or ad campaign that absolutely takes off, examine their campaign and figure out how you can utilize a similar strategy in yours. There will certainly be ups and downs as you learn to compete on Twitter but refer to this guide to help you along the way.

Any experience with Twitter Ads? Looking forward to your comments either here on the website or in our closed Facebook group. Just join in now! 😉


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