Interview of Ana Erkić, CEO of Growato


Please introduce yourself

Ana Erkić Digital Marketing Strategist, Social Media Consultant, Copywriter, CEO and CO-Founder of Growato

What is your business activity?

Growato is a digital marketing agency focused on helping small businesses and startups in the region grow faster online. That is the first business I started together with a friend of mine, Jovana Čenejac.

What are the main challenges you’ve encountered when starting your entrepreneur life?

Some of the main challenges I have encountered at the beginning of my life as an entrepreneur were trying to balance work and life, as I had to take on so many responsibilities and work positions at once. It definitely took a toll on my personal life, and sleep, for that matter. Also, taking full responsibility was somewhat challenging as well, since now I have no one to blame but myself if something goes wrong.

What was your method to gain the missing knowledge needed to run your business?

I used all resources available – courses (both online and traditional), books, seminars, workshops, expert advice, pretty much everything.

What’s for you the best way to gain new clients?

Nurturing connections, relationships, targeting perfect prospects, creating trust by providing solutions to their pain points…

What is/are the best piece(s) of advice you can give to other entrepreneurs?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to say that the best advice for people who are starting a business is to first make sure that it is truly their dream and something they would be doing regardless of the financial reward. It takes a lot of work to become successful at anything, and only those who truly enjoy the work they are doing, can make it through the tough times without giving up. Also, I believe that it is equally important to stay genuine, respectful, kind and true to yourself and your values. No amount of success is worthy giving that up.

What are the main challenges you’re currently encountering?

Some of the main challenges include generating traffic and leads for our clients. With the overproduction of content, it is becoming much more difficult to get the right message in front of the right people.

How do you face them?

By paying more attention to what our target audience really wants and creating high quality content in a format they would most enjoy consuming. Then promoting it in a way that will get their attention.

What would help to improve your business?

As every new business we would benefit from greater exposure and reaching global market.



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