How to get followers on Twitter?

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What good are your Tweets if nobody reads them? Answer: useless. The key to successful Twitter Marketing is reaching your target audience; to reach your audience, you need followers. Now the big question: how do I get my target audience to follow me and hear my messaging? This guide will give you tips and tricks for growing your Twitter followers and expanding your brand’s reach, influence, and reputation.

Your Twitter Avatar & Cover – Make them engaging and true to brand

We’re starting off with the basics. Make sure your Twitter avatar and cover are attractive and appealing. The avatar and cover must stay true to your brand identity, so take the most engaging aspect of your brand and highlight it with your avatar and cover photo.

First impressions are incredibly important, and you want to impress your audience with your imagery and branding immediately. People feel emotional connections to imagery (even with businesses), and it’s imperative to put your best foot forward and facilitate what your brand represents in a friendly manner. When users feel an emotional connection to a brand, they are much more likely to follow, interact, and share the content. Establishing a friendly, knowledgeable brand identity
leads to more followers, more awareness, and increased brand loyalty.
Twitter Logo


Think about Apple. What an interesting name for an innovative tech company. It feels friendly and approachable, not cold and techy like a brand like IBM. Apple’s name is endearing, and then they had the gall to make a rainbow apple with a chunk bit off as their logo. How could we not instantly like that brand? As we all know, Apple has developed such a solid brand that it tends to have a cult following. Disclaimer: I’m in the cult.


Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is another first impression opportunity for your brand, and some say it is the most critical component to obtain new followers. When users view your profile or search for you on Twitter, they read the 160 character bio to get an idea of what your brand is all about. Make those characters count. Write a bio that describes your products and services, as well as your location. A quick and easy way to do this is to look at your “About Us’ section of your website, and take the most engaging content from it.  You only have 160 characters to work with, so make it as friendly and engaging as possible.

Tip: Use hashtags, links and CTA’s in your Twitter bio to increase exposure and awareness.

For more help on creating the ultimate Twitter bio, read Buffer’s 7 Key Ingredients of a Great Twitter Bio

In the above article, they include this valuable information:

Signals of a great Twitter bio

iphone welcome to twitter

It’s accurate. One professional description.
It’s exciting. One word that is not boring.
It’s targeted. One niche descriptor.

It’s flattering. One accomplishment.
It’s humanizing. One hobby.
It’s intriguing. One interesting fact or feature about yourself.
It’s connected. Your company or another social profile.

You don’t have to have seven sections. In other words, your exciting word can be the same as your flattering word. Your humanizing section can be the same as your intriguing appeal.

Stick to Your Niche

Have you noticed the level of specialization in businesses these days? Doctors, Attorneys, Marketers, etc. find a niche that optimizes their specific talents. In the marketing world, we have digital marketers, SEO specialists, Copywriters, Social Media Marketers, and the list goes on. Define your niche and stick to it.

Follow Influencers in your Niche

Following influencers in your niche is a mutually beneficial Twitter connection. You can learn from the influencers, and they can learn from you. Because you’re both interested in the same niche, these influencers will be more inclined to follow you back.

Interact with the influencers; @mention questions to them, share their content you find valuable and give them a hat tip (HT) for the quality content, These tips will give your brand a connection to a thought leader in your niche and increase your overall authenticity.

Tweet at the Right Time(s)

Use a tool like Audiense to know the best time to tweet. It is an ultimate twitter tool which I recommend to every serious twitter users. They have both free and paid version, and free version let you analyse your profile to find the right time to tweet to get maximum traction.


Bonus: Buffer is a powerful social media tool, and it allows you to schedule tweets, among other useful and time-saving tools. Use the analytics to learn when your users are active and schedule your best Tweets to publish when your target audience will see it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat Yourself

What if your followers aren’t on Twitter in the same time frame? That is a more than likely scenario, so again use a tool like Buffer, to analyze the best times for your Tweets. The data may tell you it is effective to Tweet your blog at 10 in the morning and Tweet it again at 6 in the evening. Possessing valuable insight into your audience’s behavior allows you to maximize the exposure of your Tweets while saving you time in the process. It’s a win-win situation!

@Mentions Rule

mention sign

You can immediately get someone’s attention on Twitter by @mentioning them in a Tweet. The user will be notified of the mention and read your Tweet. Make it a good one, and the user will most likely follow you back. Be sure to @mention usersonly when it’s relevant. Don’t bombard users with @mentions with content that’s not relevant or interesting to them. Doing so has the potential to decrease your following, so think strategically when using @mentinos.

Ask Questions

If there’s anything we know about social media, it’s that people like to share their opinions. Everyone has an opinion about something, and Twitter users love speaking their minds. Capitalize on this impulse by asking questions, because Tweeters are sure to answer. Ask an opinion about a new blog post, a marketing technique, or a favorite recipe. Ask questions that are relevant to your brand and your audience. You can also ask cheeky questions to add a little humor and fun to the conversation and increase engagement.

Answer Questions

I’m assuming you’re like the rest of human nature and like to share your opinions and knowledge. Twitter is a perfect platform for showing off your expertise and your brand personality. Answer questions related to your industry to establish your brand as an authority on the subject. Do you have a blog post on your site that would help with the answer? Perfect! Reply to the question with a note and link to the relevant content. Include a CTA and encourage Tweeters to contact you for more information. This tactic will bring users to your site, and give them a in-depth look at your branding and capabilities. Hopefully, you’re continuously building your email database through your website. If you’re not, please do so NOW. If the Tweeter likes your post and website, they’re likely to sign up for more information from your brand. And then the marketing funnels begin, thus leading to new leads, new clients, and more revenue.

Use Hashtags


Hashtags are an effective way to join a larger Twitter conversation. Being part of the Twitter community is imperative to building brand trust and growing leads. Also, when users search for the topic (i.e., #growthhacking),  your post will pop up in the results. Twitter hashtags can be professional, funny, ridiculous, etc. Take advantage of the almighty hashtag and use it to grow your following and customer base.

HootSuite’s, How to Attract and Engage More Twitter Followers offers a great list of advices to help you to get more followers.


Use hashtags that are already popular.

hand like

By occasionally using hashtags that many people are already using, your Tweets have a higher chance of being seen by more people and potential new followers.Be specific

Even though it can be helpful to use hashtags that are already popular, try and focus on ones that are specific to your target audience.

Use your location.

Even though it can be helpful to use hashtags that are already popular, try and focus on ones that are specific to your target audience.


Hashtag hijack

hand dislike

Avoid using hashtags without knowing exactly what they represent, and especially avoid using any that are focused on social causes or tragedies—unless you actually have something relevant and valuable to add to the conversation.


Use too many hashtags

No one wants to follow a Twitter account if #it #tweets #like #this.

I think you get the idea of the importance and effectiveness of hashtags, so be sure to use them wisely in your Tweets.

Follow Trending Topics

In the “Explore” section of Twitter, you’ll see trending topics and the #hashtags used. If any of the trending topics are relevant to your business, hop on board and join the conversion and include the trending hashtag.

Incorporating trending topic hashtags in your Tweets exposes your business to a wider audience, again, increasing your brand presence and gaining new followers.

Twitter Follow Button

Include the Twitter follow button on your website, blog posts, and all things digital. If a user is reading a blog on your site, they’re very likely to want to follow you on Twitter. Try adding your Twitter handle or the Twitter follow button to your email signature for even more followers on the platform. If they already have an email connection with you, they’ll likely want to see your Twitter content, as well.

Bonus Tip: Add an image or video to your tweets. Tweets with images and videos (remember the emotional response to imagery mentioned above?) get much more attention and reactions than text-only tweets.

If You Tweet, They Will Follow

Utilize the tips in this guide to grow your Twitter base. Keep in mind; this is not an overnight process. You need to Tweet consistently and stay engaged with the Tweeters to establish a broad following. Use social media management tools like Buffer and HootSuite to make your Twitter marketing more targeted, strategic and effective. Also, these tools will save you loads of time and increase efficiency.

Have fun in the Twitterverse and watch your business grow!



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